Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Right to Twerk

As I’ve mentioned, I love Buzzfeed. I am very open about the fact that I get my news from Buzzfeed, and today, something caught my eye; an article about the arrest of three Russian women.

This would not seem out of the ordinary if not for one fact. The Russian women were arrested for publicly twerking in front of a war memorial. This was the second twerking scandal to “rock” Russia in two weeks— a huge thing for the Russians! All women involved were charged with “hooliganism.” 

I think this article was fascinating. To me, it is such an interesting choice that the way these women chose to express themselves was through twerking— we here in the U.S. definitely do not consider twerking to be an art form, but it is still a way some women choose to express themselves. I’ve even heard of some “twerk teams” forming. Some people do truly choose to express themselves through twerking. Even though it may seem completely ridiculous that twerking is so popular here, it is even more surprising that in some places, people do not even have the right to express and represent themselves online the way they would like to. In my opinion, if a woman wants to represent herself through twerking, she should absolutely have that right.  

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