Monday, April 27, 2015

Katie's Blog Post #4

The biggest news all around social media thus far has revolved around Bruce Jenner’s unexpected gender transition. After winning the Olympic decathlon, his identity as a male was set in stone. However, nobody knew the struggles he was going through with his true inner association with being female. His daughters gradually discovered his secret by catching him wearing their dresses. Kylie, in particular, thought that Kim was stealing her clothes, and decided to catch her in the act by turning on her computer camera. To her surprise, the video captured her father trying on one of her dresses, and admiring himself in the mirror. She has been the least supportive since then. 

Kim felt the same awkwardness around Jenner until she was enlightened by her husband, Kanye. He told her, “I could have the most beautiful wife in the world. I have that. I could have the most beautiful child in the world, and I have that. But I am nothing if I can’t be myself.” This opened up her eyes to a new, more accepting perspective on Jenner’s much awaited transformation. In fact, she said if her father wants to be a woman, she has to look good and represent the family. She and Jenner went on shopping trips together to create a new look for a new person. Jenner’s story is inspiring, and teaches us that even after we have defined ourselves through our work, family, and passions, that we always have the opportunity to change ourselves in order to feel closer to who we truly are.

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