Monday, April 27, 2015

Bella Blog #3

For this blog I’m going to talk about the Bruce Jenner interview I recently watched over the weekend. I am not a fan of the Kardashian’s, yet as my friends began to watch I immediately got plugged into the special. And, before I knew it, I was right along side of them awaiting the answer to every strange question America has about his recent announcement. Jenner, 65, talked about his lifelong internal struggle of being transgender. He explained that he was born in a male body with a female soul inside—a problem he has struggle with through three marriages and the parent of ten children. I think that what really drew me into this interview was my lack of awareness and education of this topic. I have never been exposed to this community nor thoroughly able to comprehend what it is like to bare this struggle. And I truly learned a lot. I think that regardless of one’s opinion on this topic, it was a riveting interview to see such a idolized Olympian and American man talk about his insecurities and what repeatedly nearly lead to his demise. Altogether, I think that this interview was popularly viewed and many have gained insights from Jenner’s story. And, regardless, I think that we as a society can say that this special is revolutionary to our societal growth. In the fall semester, I took a course called the history of race and sex where I learned about the history and evolution of sexual practice, especially in regards to interracial sex. Now, upon reflecting on Jenner’s story, it makes me think about all the previous superstitious and outrageous pretenses associated with interracial sex. Today, a bit too gradually, this is changing. Maybe in a decade or two or three, the world will be different for the transgender community too. 

Above are two pictures showing Jenner's change over time. In his interview he said that Bruce Jenner is no longer, yet instead she lives. 

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