Saturday, April 18, 2015

Allison's 4th blog post: The Importance of Detail

This week, I came across an article about Kylie Jenner's fashion choices as shown through her Instagram photos. All of Jenner's choices in these photos, from the clothes she wears to the way she stands, contribute to aspects of her online identity. One photo that stood out to me was this one:
Kylie Jenner shares outfit choice for night out, 18 April 2015

The tight clothes she is wearing, from the crop top to the high-waisted spandex, and the amount of skin she is showing, from her midriff to her legs, emphasize aspects of her sexuality. The fact that she is comfortable with these gestures imply that she is consciously sexualizing her own image and attempting to entice the male gender. Jenner's stance further suggests this idea, since it accentuates her curves and draws attention to her legs. Perhaps Jenner's choice to look away from the camera contributes to the act of enticement as well, since it makes her seem more mysterious.

Jenner's pink hair contributes to aspects of her gender. Pink, these days, is often associated with females, and the fact that all of her hair is pink implies that she wholeheartedly embraces her femininity.

Jenner's background to her photo includes a Jacuzzi, marble detailing on the Jacuzzi, and luscious green trees. These items clearly emphasize Jenner's privilege and upper-class lifestyle. Even if Jenner intends the focus to be on herself and her outfit, her socio-economic status still shines through.

Overall, multiple aspects of Jenner's identity are performed through this simple photo, and with even more photos on her Instagram page, it is safe to conclude that other aspects of her identity become defined and solidified as well.

Instagram, with its focus on photos, creates an environment where observing details can tell one person a lot about another's identity.

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