Monday, April 27, 2015

Elise's 3rd Blog Post

What an inappropriate time to take a selfie. This is becoming a trend, though. People have started taking selfies of themselves and groups of people next to enormous tragedies and posting it on social media. I have even seen selfies that people took with a dead person in the casket during a funeral. I feel like people are becoming desensitized to things more quickly because of social media because it's definitely not rare anymore to see people taking pictures of themselves smiling not only after a tragedy, but also DURING. It seems like people are more concerned about shock value and self representation than they are about the actual tragedies that take place, and that's concerning.

In this article specifically, I actually have a friend who posted about this earthquake on Facebook, and his good friend was one of the people who was on an Everest expedition who had died during the avalanche. When I usually read these kinds of articles, I'm somewhat more disconnected from the event since I don't know anyone, but since this was actually a case where a friend of a friend had died, it hits closer to home and really brings me back to the gravity of what happened and how inappropriate it is to take a selfie with the event, especially while smiling.

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