Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bella Blog #4

I remember learning about the earthquake in Haiti when I was in eight grade. Sitting in religion class in my school uniform, our teacher wanted us to talk about what had happened. I remember felling particularly sad as our little catholic school supported our own sister school in Haiti, and still after a few days we hadn’t heard back whether or not everyone was alright. As we continue to talk through the situation, putting together all the facts we had learned, there were lots of questions from every student. I remember my friend Alexander raising his hand and asking why God let a tragedy happen in such an already impoverish country. Dumbfounded, I remember the sad looks that filled the classroom, as well as our heartbroken silence. 

Above is a picture of the ruins of Nepal, with the death toll already over 4600 people. 

When I heard about the tragic earthquake in Nepal, I couldn't help but ask myself the same question. For I too can’t help but wonder why five years later a tremendous tragedy hit Nepal. In CNN’s article “Nepal: Houses and families ripped apart by quake” they interviewed a young woman who said that “no government has any support from us. No on has come out to see that we’re living like this.” This comment really struck me, it makes me feel so disheartened. The article then shared the numbers of the monetary support from each country. The United States is supporting with $10 million, the UK with $5 million, Canada with $4.1 million, Australia with $3.9 million, the EU with $3.25, Norway with $3.9 and so on. I believe the woman that she has not received any aid, and it saddens me. But what really frustrates me is how difficult it is to support countries during times of distress. I only wish there was a way we could help that really made a difference. Not that money doesn’t, for it helps it great ways, but sometimes I wish something I did from here could help people like that woman across the globe. 

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