Monday, April 27, 2015

Elise's 4th Blog Post

In a new take on selfies, people have started using the Chinese app called "MyIdol". The basic gist of the app is that the users take selfies of themselves (or pictures of their friends), and the app generates a customizable avatar for you that you can dress and put makeup on. Additionally, you can make them dance which is always funny because they've been programmed to sing and dance to a few different genres of music. It's gone viral this week and celebrities have been posting their MyIdol's on social media, flaunting the semi-realistic avatars.

In the attached article, you can see how it can go wrong when people don't take pictures of their faces, and instead take pictures of their pets and emoji's which results in pretty funny and horrifying results. Ultimately, I think the app is pretty well made and the resulting avatar is really entertaining to dress and watch, since it's technically watching yourself because the faces look pretty realistic...

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