Monday, April 27, 2015

Finnel's Blog Post #1: “Callous” Russian Paramedic Fired For Disgraceful Selfies With an Accident Victim

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Recently, a now disgraced and former paramedic named Tatiana Kulikova was fired for taking offensive selfies with an accident victim inside of an emergency ambulance. The 25 year old foolishly did not even make an effort to hide her actions, instead, she had posted the images online for all to see. The most offensive of the images is a picture of a dying patient on an ambulance with Kulikova’s middle finger also placed in front of the camera. The caption for this particular image read “another moron.” The next selfie is of the Russian ex-paramedic holding up a peace sign next to a heart attack victim with the caption, “How I hate my job.” Some of the patients of in her selfies even passed away shortly after the photo was taken. It is clear that Kulikova did not take her job seriously and had an obvious lack of respect for patients.
Tatiana Kulikova’s choice of the online performance of her identity was appalling but it was her own conscious decision. She wanted to express her dissatisfaction with her career choice, but failed to so in a respectful manner. The identity that is gleaned from seeing her selfies are ideas of selfishness, disrespectfulness, and insensitivity. José van Dijck writes in his article, You have one identity’: performing the self on Facebook and LinkedIn that “...platforms like Facebook were commonly regarded as a space for (personal) self-expression and for making connections between friends.” Some may argue that these were private images that weren’t meant to be seen by strangers or employers, however, in this particular case it is clear that despite these images being uploaded in a supposedly private setting, they were highly inappropriate and deserved proper reprimand.

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