Friday, February 6, 2015

Speculative Selfies

Selfies document (and produce) the narrative of our daily lives.  But what of the future?

For this assignment, post a Speculative Selfie (or #specselfie) in which you are presented at a potential future moment of your life. You may imagine yourself 30 years from now or just over the weekend.

What does this say about you?  How does it represent your current identity? How does it represent your aspirations? Fears?

How does this change the way we think about about #selfies -- about the act of representing ourselves online?  How does it trouble the notion of #selfies as being authentic representations of lived experiences rather than highly constructed, performances?

Put text in the Tweet to act an anchor, to help give the image further narrative context.

Please, Tweet it out using #SelfieClass and #SpecSelfie hashtags

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