Monday, March 23, 2015

Maria's 1st Blog Post: Kim Kardashian's Grammy Selfie

This post is going to throw it back to Grammy Awards night that occurred on February 8th. Kim Kardashian took a selfie with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen after the Album of the Year award was announced to musician Beck. She posted the picture on Twitter and Instagram with the caption “This is the Beck won that award face?!?!?!”

They all expressed shocked faces and maybe even disgust (the hand in mouth?!) Many people viewed this selfie as a diss to Beck, especially since their close friend BeyoncĂ© was also up for the award and did not win it.

The comments section on Instagram of this selfie went into an uproar. Thousands of people voiced their opinion, not only about the apparent diss, but also attacked Kim personally. Many comments had derogatory terms pertaining to females. This may be because the selfie itself has many feminine aspects such as the large amount of makeup on both of the females and also the amount of sparkle coming from Kim’s jacket and Chrissy’s bracelets. People may have picked up on these feminine qualities and chose that route of attack with their comments.
Because these celebrities are from a high socio-economic class, as seen from the glamourous clothing and done-up makeup/hair, it places them in a spotlight and thus caused a lot of talk amongst a lot of people with just a simple selfie. The impact of this selfie affected over 23,000 people as seen from the comments on Instagram, but who knows how many more people have viewed it on Twitter as well as other entertainment news websites.
John Legend tried to clear the air a bit by later tweeting out “Congrats to all winners, including @beck. Much respect.  That selfie was taken before Album of the Year was announced.”

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